We Are Knitters Meripaca

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What we love most about our new fiber Meripaca is how light and soft it is, it’s so soft that it feels like a second skin. It is one of our most exclusive fibers and its many properties make it unique.


Each skein contains 100 grams of top quality Meripaca, measures 149 yards, and comes in 10 colors. You’ll just need either a pair of US size 8 knitting needles or crochet hook to start knitting or crocheting.


Since it is a fine yarn more strands go into a knitted garment which creates more insulation to maintain body heat, making it one of the warmest wools available.


This wool is so soft that it doesn’t irritate or scratch the skin, it’s also flexible and very resistant. This wool is perfect for knitting baby garments, cuddly winter afternoon blankets, or anything for the fall-winter season.


You won’t have any problems when it comes to washing it, since you can put it in the washing machine, just be sure to use a gentle cycle and a neutral detergent to make your garments last longer.  As for any wool garment, we recommend drying them on a flat, horizontal surface to avoid stretching your garments out of shape.

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We Are Knitters Meripaca

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