What size needles should I use for different types of wool or cotton?

We Are Knitters -

If you want to make a knitting project, using two needles:

To knit with The Wool, we recommend using our US 19 (15mm) needles, especially if you are a beginner.

To knit with Petite Wool, we recommend using our US 11 (8mm) beechwood needles.

To knit with Pima Cotton, Merino Superwash, or Baby Alpaca, we recommend using our US 8 (5mm) needles and up.

If you would prefer to crochet your project:

We recommend using our US 19 (15mm) beechwood crochet hook for The Wool and also Fabric Yarn (not available outside of Europe)

With our US 8 (5mm) beechwood crochet hook, you can work in Pima Cotton, The Wool, Baby Alpaca, and Petite Wool.

Discover all of our We Are Knitters needles here: Needles

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