How to make a half hitch knot in macramé

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The half hitch is the most widely used knot in macramé. You can make designs and patterns with it.

The design depends on how you place the cords and how you cross them. To make our suggested design, follow the steps below:

  1. Separate the cords as shown in the drawing.
  1. Take XX cords, in this case the first and second, shown in pink, and place them at approximately a 45º angle and make two knots on them with the cords next to them, in this case, the third and fourth cords. To do this, bring the third and fourth cords over the first and second and wrap them around and pull them out between the four. This counts as one half hitch.
  1. Pull to adjust the cords.
  1. Continue with the pink cords and tie 2 knots on them with the next two cords.
  1. Continue in the same manner across the row, or until the pattern indicates.

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